1. Terms of Reference:

a. In these rules & regulations, the term exhibitors shall include all employees, staff and agent of the company, partnership

firm or individual to whom the space has been allotted for the purpose of participation.

b. The term EXHIBITION shall mean the tradeshow known as “Oil & Fats Expo Bangladesh” and all concurrent events.

c. The term ORGANIZER shall mean “LIMRA”.

d. The exhibition premieses will include main passage.

2. Exhibitors are required to indemnify against organizers against any claim made against them in respect of damage to

exhibition halls and the venue caused by the exhibitors stand, exhibits and staff or by agents acting on the exhibitor’s


3. Consequential Loss: a. In case of exhibition being cancelled or suspended in whole or in parts for cause not in the

organizers control the organizers shall not accept any consequential liability.

b. Exhibitors must follow safety measures given by WHO for pandemic.

c. In case of the exhibition date being postponed or suspended for pandemic, organizers shall not accept any cancellation

or refund to the exhibitors. Exhibitors should adjust their advance for the next date

4. Stand Alteration:

a. No alteration to the size of an exhibitors stand is permitted without prior approval of the organizers.

b. Conversion of an allotted stall to free design is not permitted.

c. The organizers reserve the right to require exhibitors to make such alterations to their stands as to avoid interference

with the display of other exhibitors.

d. The organizer reserve the right to modify the layouts of stand sites and gangways etc.

e. Exhibitors are particularly requested to avoid designs which block or box in other exhibitors stand.

f. Stands may not overhang the allotted area, nor are any obstructions permitted on gangways, fire points, extinguishers

or emergency exits.

5. Stall Interiors: Though the exhibitors are free to decorate their stands to the best of their ability for projecting the

right image of their products and company, they should not cause any permanent damage to the walls, panels and floors

through use of nails, paints or any other such activity.

6. Bare Space: Participants have to submit their construction and decoration plan 30 days prior to the event date and

take approval of the organizers of the exhibition height should be maximum 10 feet.

7. Equipments, machinery and other exhibits which may produce excessive noise, vibration or may cause electrical

interference or other annoyance will not be permitted to operate. In this matter the decision of the organizers will be final.

8. The organizers reserve right to alter floor plan.

9. The position of stalls with respect to aisles in the floor plan is purely pictorial and not guaranteed. In case of any

variation, the stall number allotted will be taken as the basis for occupancy by the exhibitor.

10. Insurance:

a. Insurance of the exhibits and the property of the stands will be the responsibility of individual exhibitors.

b. The organizer shall not be responsible in anywayfor personal injury to the exhibitors or his staff, agents, invitees or

licensees however caused.

11. Default on Payments: The organizers reserve the right to cancel any reservation of space in the event of an exhibitor

not having paid any dues in rental charges on or before the due dates. Payment already received will be forefeited in

such cases.

12. Cancellation: No cancellation or reduction in space will be accepted after the date of receipt of

application forms by the organizer.

13. Security: Although 24 hours security service will be in operation for the overall exhibition the security of the

individual exhibits in the stall will be the responsibility of the exhibitors. Exhibitors should take all possible precautions

to avoid loss or damage to the equipments both during and outside exhibitions hours.

14. No hoardings, banners etc will be allowed on the exhibition premises or on the roads in the vicinity unless

it is pre-approved by the organizers as per their rules and regulations. Such unauthorized display if any is

liable to be removed by the organizer without notice.

15. Space Not Occupied: Every exhibitor shall occupy the full area booked by him. Should an exhibitor fail

to take possession of the stall at least 6 hours before exhibition starts; the organizer reserve the right to dispose

off the so unoccupied without notice.

16. No other representatives will be allowed at the stall other than the authorized persons as specified by the

exhibitor in the application form.

17. No Subletting: The exhibitors shall not assign, sublet or grant licenses in repect of the whole or part of the

stand. Display / distribution of cards, handbills, literatures, advertisements, banners or printed matters of

companies / firms / persons who are not bonafied allottees and or not subsidiaries of exhibitors (or) exhibitors’

ultimate holding company.

18. Removal of Exhibits: Exhibits must be removed from the hall before 10:00 p.m. on the same day of the

closing of the exhibition. Should an exhibitor fail to vacant his stand space or the premises by the time specified

by the organizer, he shall be liable to reimburse any such costs incurred by the organizer as the result


19. Na material exhibit will be allowed to be taken out of the hall without valid exit pass obtained from the

office authorized by the organizer.

20. Electrical Installation: All onsite electrical installation must be carried out by the officially appointed

electrical contractor before the connection to the main supply.

allotted at any time to execute work repairs and alterations and for other purposes.

21. The organizer and those authorized by them respectively have the right to enter thye exhibition stalls

22. Any verbal agreements concerning any aspect of the contract or the exhibition are not valid unless

confirmed in writing.

23. No counter sales are permitted.

24. Stall Possession: Possession of the stalls will be given one day prior to the inauguration day to the

exhibitors and the interiors and display must be completed before inauguration.

25. No inflammable, hazardous article shall be stored in the exhibition area.

26. All exhibitors are subject to a general lien in favor of the organizer for all sums whether for unpaid rental

or otherwise, due from an exhibitor to the organizer.

27. Government V a t :Government vat extra as applicable.

28. Jurisdiction: Any dispute between the organizer and the exhibitors is subject to the jurisdiction of the

court of Dhaka, Bangladesh only.

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